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Crypto Tax Plus provides online, personalised, accurate, and practical crypto related tax services to investors, trader, and enthusiasts alike.

We specialise in all types of crypto, from the large market cap currencies (BTC, ETH, XRP), right through to the lesser known altcoins. Cryptocurrency tax reports are our specialty, and best of all; you can pay with crypto.

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Have your tax report done by an experienced crypto tax specialist, not just some program you found on the internet. We are crypto enthusiasts and investors, and we know how to speak your language when it comes to all things crypto.

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Your location is the last thing you should be worrying about. We work with clients online, and can arrange specialist consultations by phone. Our services are readily available to anyone with an internet connection, from the comfort of your own home.

Privacy Focused

You can rest assured your privacy will remain intact. We take steps to ensure all of our consultations, client files, and tax reports are strictly confidential. We will never ask for your private keys, and you should never supply your private keys to anyone.

Practical Tax Advice

Stop searching through unqualified conflicting advice and opinions online. Book a consultation with a registered tax agent today, to plan more efficient investment strategies, and make the most of your crypto gains (or losses).

Free Crypto Tax Information

CRYPTOCURRENCY The new “quid” on the block

Introduction Cryptocurrency – is it really a currency? Currently the ATO does not recognise crypto as a currency. However, this view may change when cryptocurrencies become more widely accepted in the global marketplace. Ok, so if it’s not a currency, what is it? The short answer is… it depends on how it’s being used, and…

Cryptocurrency Mining : Business or Hobby?

Mining is another way to generate some income in cryptocurrency and with any income generating enterprise, taxes are inevitable. However, calculating your tax liability would depend on the analysis of your activities as whether you are carrying on a business or not. Mining as a Business There is no definitive factor in determining whether one…

Crypto Tax Myths – I’ve only withdrawn Less Than $10,000 so it’s Tax Free

Ever since the Cryptocurrency revolution started gaining traction all over the globe, an unprecedented level of public interest has now triggered some governments to introduce Cryptocurrency taxation laws. While the majority of the nations of the world are still treating Cryptocurrency as a tax free asset, countries like Australia have started introducing and/or modifying existing…


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Feedback from my long term accountant about your crypto tax reports for my personal and SMSF were brilliant! They were simple to understand by someone who doesn’t understand crypto, and he has recommended you to several other accountants that require this service. I’m looking forward to working with you again next year. Thanks again!”

C Harrold

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